April 2, 2011


After a long winter we have been trying to enjoy this nice warm weather. The kids are getting big cailyn still uses her own language but she has quite the imagination. Jarrod is starting to get into everything and his favorite game is copying everything cailyn does. He loves to follow her around between the two of them they are always into something or emptying my pantry or dumping rice on the floor. They do have some good moments making up songs together and sharing toys and food. Of course as with siblings they are constantly fighting. Cailyn screams when jarrod gets close to her and he gets upset every time she steals a toy from him. Its a crazy life but i wouldn't trade it for anything.

February 20, 2011

catch up

Jarrod and cailyn are growing up so fast. Jarrod is walking everywhere and of course he loves to fight with cailyn. They love to wrestle and chase each other and drive each other crazy. Well cailyn still doesnt talk much other than her gibberish and jarrod is following in the same idea, but its fun to listen to her tell stories and sing to her babies and her bear. Here are a few pictures of our life over the last few months. the picture are going from most recent to oldest but i didnt want to fix them...

Cailyn loves to drive around the yard in the jeep, but it only goes across the grass when jarrod in with her.
she was relaxing, playing with her phone.

Trying our best to get pictures of them together.

So while i was working it was really quiet upstairs, i decided i better go up and check on them this is what i found.. kurt sleeping on the couch and jarrod emptying the roll of wax paper.

this is jarrod trying to wake up is dad to show him what he did
Best friend!
Cailyn's tea party..
opening lots and lots of presents on christmas.. they got a lot of fun things.

cailyn loves to bake

dinner before we went to see the lights.

for jarrods birthday we took the kids to the tree house museum in ogden, they love that place.

cailyn was helping jarrod eat his birthday cake

Jarrods birthday cakes.

Cailyn helping me frost jarrods birthday cake.

November 14, 2010

fairys and monkeys oh my....

We've been very busy keeping up with the kids and life so here are some pictures i've taken along the way.

Both kids are doing really good, Jarrod is taking steps he's so close to walking it makes me sad i wish he would stay my baby forever. Cailyn is just getting big and so smart she loves to chase the dogs and play with jarrod. Our days are never boring!

Grandpa's birthday, cailyn and bentley (be be according to cailyn) were helping him blow out the candles.
Cailyn the fairy on halloween. This was an adventure she didnt want to go up to the first couple houses but once she realized she would get candy she loved it. Jarrod the monkey he didnt feel to good so he stayed home with grandma and grandpa to hand out candy.
gotta love snookie!

chrissy and i ready as goddesses!
us and our pumpkins, i think kurt spent like an hour on his.
happy boy loves getting his picture taken
at the pumpkin patch

apparently she doesnt weigh enough to make it work on the grass so she was pushing it to the sidewalk..

we went to dinner and kurt ordered the seafood platter and they gave him a full squid.. although the picture looks like a spider.

My cousin got married in St george so we took the kids down for the wedding, it was beautiful i wished we could have stayed at the wedding longer, but the kids were tired cranky and hungry so we only made it to the ceremony.

My sisters birthday is in october and her husband decided to throw a surprise party for her. It was a fun party and she was really surprised.

Jarrod was helping us decorate

September 9, 2010

summer of fun

We have had a fun summer, i hate to see it end but i'm sick of the heat so its ok. I cant believe how fast the kids grow up.. Cailyn is such a good big sister and she loves to play with and help jarrod (when noone is watching). She always shares her food and when he cries she brings him a bottle. She has started to want to help clean... well clean out the drawers in the kitchen. Jarrod is getting too big, we just took him in for his 9 month apt and he weighs 19.12 lbs (which is only 4 lbs less than cailyn) hes 27 inches tall (cailyn is 33), i'm pretty sure hes going to out grow her soon. He is trying so hard to walk so he can chase cailyn through the house, he's almost there maybe a couple weeks. Jarrod is saying mama, which i still cant get cailyn to say. Cailyn talks but its mostly just her usual jibberish.

the other day we decided to take cailyn to the dinosaur park since she loves dinosaurs, every time she sees one she *roars* she had so much fun looking at the dinosaurs but she wouldnt get to close to them.

Since Ali and Marley ruined her swimming pool we've been using jarrod bath tub as a splash pool on the deck for cailyn. the other day when we tried to feed her lunch she decided to sit down in the duck and get comfy before eating.

Marley loves jarrod, he just sits there and let jarrod pet him. which was surprising at first since marley is not a fan of cailyn who insists on chasing him up and down the hall and hitting him with her broom.

Since mat has moved out we decided to turn the basement into a playroom/office. This kitchen set was handed down from her cousins cayden and cristian. Cailyn loves this everyday she plays with it and cooks all sorts of random things.

We decided to paint the small room (playroom) since the color was kinda dark and needed and uplift. Cailyn of course being her helpful self wanted to help paint, she was very proud of herself and was covered in paint by the end.

Jarrod loves to walk, however he still isnt balanced enough to do it himself so cailyn wanted to help him however shes not quite strong enough to hold him herself so dad had to step in and help.

Jarrod takes after the family tradition of singing.. cailyn however loves the drums and did much better than me on rockband.

This was an adventure in itself. we decided to go play in the fountains at the gateway since cailyn loves water so much. she was having fun until the water splashed and hit her in the face. then she was done and wanted to leave.

We got this slide for cailyn a while ago but jarrod loves it. of course he hasnt figured out how to climb the stairs yet so he just tries to climb up the slide.

Cailyns first baseball game was the bees game. This was interesting, she only sat in her seat for about 20 minutes, we walked around the park about 15 times. It was a fun night though!
Cailyn decided that it would be fun to help kurt mow the lawn

this was just a cute picture of the grandkids on grandpas birthday!

We went to bear lake with my parents in july. This was a really fun weekend, my sister and her husband and step son came up to play in the water one day. cailyn had so much fun splashing in the water and being pulled on the tube. Marley and ali had to be within 15 ft of the kids while they were in the water even though we have the only two dogs in the world who hate the water.

This was on the 4th of july. I made this yummy yummy icecream cake, kurt added the jameson to the picture.

my mom and i took the kids to the hooper parade, cailyn loved getting all the candy and attempted to eat every piece as she picked it up.
jarrod waiting not so patiently for the parade to start

Weve had a good summer and i'm excited for fall and winter!